Covid-19 Notice

As you can probably imagine, following on from the decision to postpone MinamiCon 2021 due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the committee has been grappling with the question of if and how we can run MinamiCon in 2022 in a manner that makes it safe for our attendees and staff whilst still retaining as much of what makes MinamiCon special.

Whilst the pandemic has proven more than capable of derailing even the best-made plans, we have come to the conclusion that assuming there isn’t a significant change in circumstances, MinamiCon will be able to go ahead in 2022 with measures in place to safeguard everyone involved in the event.

Specifically, key measures we are taking include:

  1. All attendees and staff must be fully vaccinated, or have a valid medical or age-related reason why that is not possible. We will be checking proof of vaccination status at registration, and unfortunately we will not be able to admit anyone without it.
  2. For attendees for whom vaccination is not possible for the reasons given above, we will require documentation confirming this, and official confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test result not more than three days before the event. If this applies to you, please contact us prior to the event so that we can provide further details. As with vaccination status, it will not be possible to admit anyone without this documentation.
  3. The schedule will be adjusted to allow for room ventilation and cleaning between each event. In some cases event formats may be adjusted and room capacities limited to avoid overcrowding.

We realise it may be a disappointment that we cannot go ahead with the event entirely as usual - please understand that our options are limited here and we are trying to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the event safely.

In the event you are unfortunately unable to attend due to a positive Covid test, we will make sure you still get your con pack and badge by post after the event. An opportunity for advance registration for next year at a discount - the exact level will be determined after the event. Please understand that whilst we are aiming to make this as fair as possible for anyone caught out by circumstances outside their control, we cannot make a definitive decision until after the con.

We should also note here that we will be monitoring the situation closely, and this list may be updated in light of forthcoming official advice or other developments. In that case we will be contacting all registered members by email, as well as posting announcements to our webpage and social media.

Whilst we would very much like to see everyone at the event, we understand completely that there may be those who either cannot or would prefer not to attend under these conditions - we will be more than happy to offer a full refund to anyone who finds themselves in this situation. If you have any questions or concerns, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our Contact Form