6th - 8th March 2015, Novotel Hotel Southampton

Registration Opening on 21st October

We're back! Roll on Minami Con 21! We will be opening up registration in a week's time on 21st October 2014 at 9pm.

Meanwhile, if you have any events ideas, feel free to submit your proposal via our form here.

Thank you, Charity & Minami Con 21!

On behalf of the committee, I would like to say thank you to everybody who contributed artwork, conbook material, event organisers, dealers, gophers and volunteers who helped out at the con, the wonderful DDR:UK, cosplayers who made such an effort and last but not least, the con-goers for creating such a fantastic warm feeling at the con.

Also, thanks to everybody's incredible generousity and That Man's ginger sacrifice, the total we raised for the British Heart Foundation is £1809.12. So well done everybody!

The dates for Minami Con 21 are 6th-8th March 2015. We hope that you will be able to join us again then. I will keep you posted on when you can expect online registration to open and you can be sure to receive an e-mail beforehand about it if you haven't already pre-registered for next year.

Once again, THANK YOU!