4th - 6th March 2016, Novotel Hotel Southampton

Registration issues

Dear all, our registrations officer, Neil, has been having a rotten time of things with his real life job. This has meant our normally speedy registrations process is being somewhat delayed. We apologise to all of you who have been affected - and we are working to catch up, so please bear with us. For once you can see all of the Minami swan (graceful on the outside, paddling like crazy underneath)!

Registration!!! Con Theme!!!

Registration is now open! Thank you for your patience.

You might have tweaked a sort of con theme from the graphics and this year we've decided to go for gaming - that includes traditional and video! Nintendo features strongly because it started as a card company in 1889 before venturing into the video games company that we all know. We hope this will inspire plenty of ideas for the con and if you have any events you can think of, please feel free to fill-in the online events proposal form and let us know your ideas.

Roll-on Minami Con 22

We're opening up for registration on the 22nd of October at 9pm - so in 2 days time! If you're registring a few people at the same time, then please have the names, badge names and date of birth of all the attendees you wish to register at hand.

Thank you again & Minami Con 22

Thank you everybody for making Minami awesome again. There were so many people who helped showing that this con is truly by fans for fans.

Gophers, volunteers, the wonderful DDR:UK, karaoke organisers, event organisers, conbook contributors, artwork contributors, dealers, cosplayers and yes you too... everybody have worked hard to make this con what it is.

And yet again we are astounded by the generous nature of our little community. We have raised £2,197.38 for the British Heart Foundation. We are incredibly grateful to everybody for sharing our cause in memory of our beloved treasurer and gopher mum, Ewan Chrystal.

We'll be back again with Minami Con 22 running from 4th to 6th March 2016 and hopefully so will you.

Meanwhile, it's lights out for us for now, and we hope you're all home in bed recovering from what we hope was an exhausting but enjoyable weekend.