MinamiCon 29

8th - 10th March 2024

@ Novotel Southampton



About Us

MinamiCon is the longest-running Anime and Japanese culture convention in the UK, entirely run for fans by fans - we are a non-profit organisation staffed by volunteers. Our convention is a 3-day event, kicking off from Friday afternoon and running through to Sunday evening, with a packed schedule of events, workshops, panels, games and other con staples like the Masquerade. The con was founded to promote the cuter side of anime, opening up to be more family-friendly and embracing the MinamiCon Fairy as our mascot. Each year, we centre the convention around a theme. The theme for MinamiCon 29 is Yōkai.

Membership Ticket

£70 for full 3-days membership


£12 for a themed con T-shirt

Available for purchase with membership. A limited number will be available for sale at the con.


We hold our MinamiCon Matsuri on Friday - our take on a Japanese festival. Saturday ramps up to more high-energy staples such as the masquerade and karaoke, while Sunday is chilled with the Cosplay Café and Kotatsu Lounge.


Our Dealers' Room houses a mix of dealers with commercial companies alongside fan artists, where you can buy merchandise, DVDs, model kits, Japanese snacks and drinks and custom artwork. If you're looking for a bargain or to de-clutter your home from unwanted items, there's the jammed-full Bring & Buy. There's also the charity auction, where you may find some unique items for sale.


We have a variety of panels and workshops such as Gundam Speed Building, cooking lessons, sake tasting, art and cosplay workshops – and we aim to have a mix where everyone will find something to interest them. In fact, the most common problem is having too many things to do!


DDR:UK does an amazing job of running our games room bringing in actual games machines along with quite a few consoles. You'll find the games room next door in the ibis Hotel just opposite the entrance of the Novotel Hotel. All throughout the weekend we also have plenty of quizzes and mysterious puzzles for you to participate in.

Our Charity Initiatives

We have also year on year raised an incredible amount of money for charity through our fund-raising events. Our con charity is the British Heart Foundation, in memory of our treasurer, Ewan Chrystal. For MinamiCon 28, we included Cancer Research UK in memory of our recently departed gopher friend, Martin Russ. We raised a total of £2000, which will be evenly split between both charities.


Home to the convention since MinamiCon 3, the Novotel Hotel is within walking distance of Southampton Central train station.

You will find most of the event rooms located on the ground floor and the 5th floor of the hotel. The Games Room, is located at the ibis Hotel, near the entrance of the Novotel Hotel.



Calling for content submissions for the next MinamiCon book! We need your help! Here at Minami we're always looking (some might even occasionally use the term "desperate") for material for the A5 size conbook that we deliver to your con packs. Anything related to Japanese culture, conventions, or likely to appeal to the attendees is very welcome. Deadline for submissions is on 15th January 2024. The following list highlights the types of submissions that we are looking for:

  • Anime/Mange
  • Gaming
  • Japanese/Oriental Asian Culture
  • Related to this year's theme
  • Articles
  • Artwork/Illustration/Comic - no watermarks
  • Puzzles/Quizzes

Download the PDF guidelines to find out more about how you can enter your submission - the guidelines contains further details regarding formats and lengths. If you have some ideas and proposals for the conbook, please get in touch with us.


We are always on the look-out for new ideas for events. If you would like to propose an event that you would like to run, please send in your proposal. Events proposed must obviously be relevant to the con. If you have an event that ties in with the con theme, that would be even better. Feel free to use the following list as a guideline for the type of events that we tend to have.

  • Cosplay Café
  • Cosplay How-Tos
  • Demonstrations
  • Festival/Party
  • Games/Competitions
  • Karaoke
  • Panels/Talks
  • Quizzes
  • Workshops

Bring & Buy

There's a dedicated room at the con for the bring & buy where you can put any of your unwanted merchandise up for sale. We take in submissions at the con from Friday afternoon but if you want to be super-organised, just download the form below and follow the instructions.

The bring & buy room is open for taking in items on Friday and early Saturday morning. The room is then open for sales on Saturday and Sunday.

Gophers / Volunteers

MinamiCon has always relied on our tremendously hard-working and lovely gopher volunteers to keep the con running as well as we can. It is a herculean team effort to ensure everybody has a great time at the con. If you'd like to lend a hand at the con and put your name down for gophering, just sign-up and our gopher liaison will be in touch.

We are also in need of volunteer cosplay waiters and waitresses for the Cosplay Café, where we'll be serving cake and drinks. If you would like to help out at the café, then just sign-up to let us know you're interested to do a shift or two.

Artists' Alley @ Matsuri

We hold our matsuri festival on Friday evening for a couple of hours. Last year, we introduced an Artists' Alley at the matsuri. There are a limited number of tables available, and we are looking for creative tables, especially ones that would run a game at their stall. If you are interested, contact us and tell us your ideas.


We have a dedicated Dealers' Room that is opened on Saturday and Sunday of the con. If you wish to be a dealer, just get contact us and let us know more about you and what you'd like to sell and our dealers' liaison will be in touch.