Masquerade Entry

Deadline for any masquerade entry submissions is at midnight on the Friday night of the con. We will not be accepting anymore entries after that. It is also MANDATORY for you to attend the masquerade briefing on the Saturday - please refer to the events schedule for timings.
Please cosplay responsibly and consider if your make up and style is respectful of other cultures.

The masquerade on Saturday evening has been a part of the con since the beginnings of the con. It's a real opportunity to showcase the amazing talent we have within the community, ranging from sewing and crafting skills to performance. As part of a Minami tradition, there are no ultimate winners in the masquerade but we do appoint some weird and wonderful category winners. If you want a chance to grab a prize, just fill in the form to register your place and we'll be in touch if we need anymore details. If you are registering for a group, then only one member representing the group will need to submit the form.

About You

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Which name would you prefer to be used when announcing in the introduction?

About Your Costume

How would you like to be introduced?

Who else is participating?
About Your Performance

What type of performance is it going to be?

What audio/video would you like?